Our mission to help the people (Makhlooq) and save the fork pages of Quran (Fe Sabililah)

What is Misbahi Markaz?

Misbahi Markaz is a help based center in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan. It determines to help the people . The main focuses of the foundation is to preserve the Quranic Oraqs.

How the foundation works?

The team of the foundation collect all the forked pages ( Shaheed ) from different areas than preserve at a safe and Paak places. The purpose of this foundation is to save our Holy book to disrespectful act (Be Adbi).


The founder of this foundation is Dr.Misbah Ul Haq sahib by the name of Tahreek E Riffat E Quran. Now this precious movement is continued by Dr. Suleman Misbahi who is running nonprofit project (fee sbililaah) to help the deserving people in the society for the sake of Allah. He is also a religious scholar and counselling the people through his Islamic Dars and lectures.


This is one of the best  foundation which is running different institutions for the sake of Allah. Some of nonprofit projects like Free Dispensary, Madrasa, Quran Mehal and instant ambulance for the community are running under the super vision of Peer Dr. Misbah ul Haq and Dr. Suleman Misbahi.

Up Coming Projects

  • The foundation is establishing free schooling for poor and deserving people.

  • Free health treatments and medical camps.

  • Free Water filter plant for those who do not have access to clean drinking water.